The best way to get started in affiliate marketing-img 1

The best way to get started in affiliate marketing – Simple steps to success

The best way to get started in affiliate marketing-img 1

There are so many ways to make money online, its easy to get confused and overwhelmed with the seemingly endless online business models. These days everyone and their dear old Aunt Margaret are trying to figure out how to make a passive income. One of the most well-known and popular ways to make a passive income is with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can be a daunting thing to get into if you don’t know how to get started, but it is also very exciting, especially if you like being creative, finding solutions to people’s problems and making a passive income. In this article you are about to learn the best way to get started in affiliate marketing, the resources you will need to use and the steps you need to take and put in to action to get the best results.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding businesses you can start and you will enjoy every minute of it. There are simple tasks you need to complete in order to have a successful affiliate business. Let’s get started on your new business adventure.


What are you passionate about?

To get started you need to figure out the things you really enjoy. What are your greatest interests? What do you like talking about the most? Which subjects are you an expert in? These are all things you should take into consideration when choosing your niche.

Some people think picking a niche is difficult and it is…especially if you have multiple interests. If like myself you’re into health and fitness, making money online, internet marketing, gadgets, technology, pets, shopping, music…you get the idea. All of these interests are niches.

Now within each niche there are sub niches. Using health as an example, you can pick a sub niche such as dieting, super foods, supplements, exercise, meditation, etc.

You can go even deeper than that. In every sub niche, there are micro niches, you can really pinpoint and target your interest. Again, using dieting as an example you can find a micro niche like intermittent fasting, keto, the Mediterranean diet, juicing recipes, etc.

For every niche, sub niche and micro niche there is an audience. Here are some things you might want to keep in mind when picking a niche.

  • Can I help people with my niche?
  • Is this something I really enjoy?
  • How much do I know about this niche?
  • Could I write a lot about this niche?
  • Am I prepared to do lots of research in this niche?
  • Will I be able to make money in this niche?


These are all things you should take into consideration when choosing a niche. However, in saying all of that, don’t waste too much time agonizing over what you should pick. Hopefully this will just be the first of many passive income niche websites.


Think of a domain name for your website

The first step for creating your new website is to pick a domain name. A domain is just another word that means the address of a website like, for example. The domain you choose should have a relevant name to the niche you have picked.

Let’s say you chose the dieting niche, you don’t want to name your site, that would make no sense. Something like would be more suitable.

If you are struggling to pick a domain name, there are many websites that can help you to choose a good domain name, below is a list of just a few.


Picking a domain name is very important because this will be the identity of your brand. Your brand is your business, this is how your customers or clients will remember you. My top two recommendations are Shopify and Namemesh, I have used both in the past.

Shopify, was a surprising one for me because I did not expect that this was a service that was provided. I have also used Namemesh and I have grown quite fond of their service. I am not being paid to endorse any of these websites.



Find a home for your domain

After you have chosen a domain name for your website, the next thing you need to consider is where to buy and host your domain. Just In case you are unaware, hosting refers to the company that will be looking after your domain, its where your domain lives to put it another way.

The hosting company you choose to go with will be responsible for the security of your website among other things. I’m including a list of the most popular companies where you can purchase your domain and hosting below.


There are many more hosting companies, just do your research and find one that you are happy to work with. I have personally used GoDaddy for a few years now, they’re very easy to use, their prices are affordable and their customer services are very helpful.



Time to design your website

Once you have your hosting sorted out the next thing you need to do is start designing your website. Most of the hosting companies that you might join have a website builder integrated as one of their services. They may offer their website builders service for free to begin with but that would be for a trial basis then you will have to pay for the service.

Probably the most popular website builder is WordPress and its also free to use. Many of the websites you visit have probably been created using WordPress, once you start using it, you will start to recognize other websites as a product of WordPress. Most of the top hosting services allow you to connect with WordPress, it is quite simple.

When you are connected with WordPress you will have the options of installing a theme or working with the standard WordPress tools. Themes are usually created with the intention of making WordPress easier to use, to make your website look more attractive and have more features to customize your website. Some of the most popular themes and page builders in WordPress are in the list below.

  • OptimizePress
  • Beaver Builder
  • Divi
  • Elementor


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All the themes above are great however, the theme I have the most experience with is Elementor. Elementor is possibly the most popular of the themes and page builders. Another theme I like the look of is Divi by Elegant themes, its supposed to be very powerful and simple to use.

I would recommend that if you are new to WordPress learn how to use the standard tools first, before you start looking into themes and page builders. I’m receiving no compensation for endorsing the themes above.

Another very valuable feature of WordPress is that you can install multiple plugins that provide a vast amount of functionality to your website.


Producing engaging content

According to the niche you have chosen, you now have to create interesting relevant content for your website. This is about to take up the vast majority of your time, that’s the bad news. The good news is that this is the fun part and its not a race. Creating content is the soul of your business, without compelling content, you don’t have a business.

Your aim now is to get your website well-established as a site with authority in its subject matter. The best way of doing this is to produce fascinating quality content on a regular basis. In order to create great content you need to do keyword research.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing keyword research sounds just as bad as root canal to someone about to the dentist. If your anything like how I used to be, you probably think keyword research is boring and time-consuming.

Once you fully understand the power of keyword research, you will learn that it is your very best friend when comes to creating relevant and unique keyword rich content. If you use the correct tools for your research, your content will be greatly enhanced, you will receive more and better quality traffic which will give your website greater authority which makes you more money. Below is a list of keyword research tools that should make your research much easier and far more rewarding.

  • Keyword Snatcher
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
  • Jaaxy
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Google Trends
  • QuestionDB

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All the above tools are excellent in their own ways. I really enjoy using Jaaxy, its very easy to use and gives useful analytic data of your competitors. Also, QuestionDB is great for if you have a blog and you are providing answers to question keyword phrases.



Get in front of your audience

Now you have created your content, its time to start getting traffic. Traffic is the life blood of your business, if you can’t get people to see your website, then all your hard work up to this point has just been for fun.

There are so many ways of getting traffic and it seems like new strategies are being invented every week. The best strategies for getting traffic are the ones that have been working for years and will be working for many more years to come. Below is a list of just some of the most popular methods for getting traffic.

  • (SEO) Search engine optimization
  • Free social media advertising (Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, etc.)
  • Paid advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook, Solo ads, etc.)
  • Email marketing


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The quickest way to get traffic is to pay for it with Google AdWords, Facebook ads or solo ads, etc. The slowest and possibly the riskiest way to get traffic is with free social media advertising. It’s not impossible to get traffic with free social media advertising, but its very slow, unreliable and you need to build a following.

To get traffic through SEO takes quite some time, but once you have it, it will grow consistently and it can be a reliable source of traffic.



Sell them something that they want

This is what you have been building towards. To recap you picked your niche, designed your website, filled your website with unique, engaging and relevant content and now you have consistent traffic coming to your website.

Hopefully your website now has a great reputation for quality content, you can start promoting relevant affiliate offers that will benefit your audience. There are many places online where you can find brilliant affiliate offers. The list that follows are the most popular affiliate marketplaces.

  • Clickbank
  • Offervault
  • JVZoo
  • Warriorplus

The easiest and most popular affiliate marketplace in the list above is Clickbank in my opinion it is the most newbie friendly and they have countless products to promote in multiple niches. Warriorplus and JVZoo are similar to each other and they have better quality products to promote, however they’re not as simple as Clickbank.



Congratulations, now repeat

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Well done, you now have a successful affiliate marketing business. Once you have implemented all these steps, you’re cooking with gas so to speak. Just keep creating keyword rich content, send traffic to that content and promote relevant affiliate offers to your audience.

Its hard work but it is so rewarding. Just keep following the simple steps and be consistent, once you have made your first sale you’ll see how it has all been worth it.


Committed to your success,




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  1. Hey thanks for posting this I really did enjoy reading it.

    What I like is the comprehensive and very detailed explanation you have given to the framework you need to assemble to build the foundation of an affiliate marketing business.  So many posts you see actually just talk about the benefits and potential rewards but they tend to skirt around the work involved and the sequence of events that has to be followed to initiate a startup that has a chance of success.

    Have you been doing this for very long and why did you choose your particular support system?



    • Thanks for your comment Hamish.

      To answer your question, I’ve been dabbling for years, but for the past 18 months or so I’ve started to take it much more seriously. As for my support system, that came about purely by trial and error and its still a work in progress, there’s always room for improvement.:)

      Thanks again Hamish.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article was Interesting and Informative. I have got a lot of information about The best way to get started in affiliate marketing. I have been Affiliate Marketing for two years. To do Affiliate Marketing I need to first make one, and it is very important to know how much I love Niche and I have a deep knowledge of the niche and what I can do about it. And I have to have writing skills I can do affiliate marketing with any niche. The Mediterranean diet is my favorite niche. I have been working on it for a very long time and by affiliate marketing I have changed my life and I have been successful. I enjoyed reading your article and found valuable information. I will share your article with my friends so that my friends can benefit from reading this article and getting this valuable information. I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back to your website later. Thank you for such a beautiful post.

    • Thank you Md Millat, your very kind comment has made me feel very happy.  I always try to give as much value as possible. It’s important to me that you get all the facts, but with a good dose of encouragement for good measure.

      Also I really appreciate you sharing my article with your friends, that is a wonderful endorsement and it means a great deal to me.  I hope I can add even more value in future posts.

  3. Hi Justin,
    I enjoyed viewing your website, the details of your article gave a full comprehension training in becoming an affiliate marketer.
    The step by step details of your niche, your passion with example, the domain with referrals, and all the other steps needed to complete a successful working website as an affiliate marketer.
    My only down side in this post is your image placement, I realize there are no image yet, but the post are there, however, in my opinion I would engage on bringing the alignment to left of the page, in order to not brake the contents around the image. I notice your image are set to the center, and right of your article which will split your contents unevenly. Other than that, I love this lesson.

    • Hi Elizabeth thank you for your comment, I’m really happy that you enjoyed my website and this post imparticular. Also I’m grateful for your advice on the layout of my post, I will take it into consideration in future posts.

      Thanks again Elizabeth.

  4. This is an easy to read, practical article on affiliate marketing.  You outlined the steps clearly and explained each point.  Your point is that a domain name should involve something that is interesting to the person getting started is that correct?  I was wondering if competition plays any part in choosing a name.  I appreciate the detail you have offered making the process seem easy and possible.  Thanks for the article.

    • Hi Anastazja, thank you so much for your comment, I’m glad you appreciated it.  When choosing a domain name, it doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your niche.  Some good examples are Apple, Google and Amazon.  

      What you really want is something unique and brandable.  You could have a website selling camera equipment and name it “Cheeze”, that would be a good brandable name.  Competition doesn’t really matter when it comes to domain names, keywords is where the battle begins.  I hope that was helpful and thanks again for your comment.

  5. This is really cool. It has always been a goal of mine to quit my 9-5 job that I have now and make a full time income online. But just like anything worth having, that’s easier said than done lol. It’s not that I haven’t tried, it’s just that when I did I fell into the trap of one of those ‘get rich quick schemes’ and scammed me out my whole investment. I haven’t looked back since. But I know it’s possible to make a full time income online and I am willing to learn. Who do you recommend that will teach me the fundamentals of making an income online. Great article, very helpful and definitely going to share it on my Facebook.

    • Hey Garrett, thanks for your comment I very much appreciate it.  I think it’s a right of passage for every online entrepreneur to get scammed at least once.  It’s not a pleasant experience, it’s very deeply irritating and I’ve been scammed a few times.  The key thing is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep pushing forward.

      As for who would I recommend to teach you the basics of making money online, there are a great no. of brilliant internet wealth guru’s.  However my favorite platform is Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve tried many many others that are all great in their own way, but WA allows for people on a small budget to achieve great things in a relatively short space of time, you just have to put the work in.

      Finally, thank you so much for generously sharing this article on your Facebook, it means a lot to me.

  6. Hello, Justin and I have to say, this was an enjoyable read and it’s all great advice.  Things that I wish I already knew when I started out in my online journey.  That said, it can take some time but, it does have its rewards and it’s certainly better than some of the other make money overnight schemes that are out there.  Much more sustainable and the options are almost unlimited.

    I just have one quick question.  For those just starting out, who don’t know anything, is there any special training available that’s not going to cost them an arm and a leg?  I would be interested in your thoughts about that.


    • Hi Wayne thank you for your wonderful comment.  Obviously, I completely agree with you, affiliate marketing is very rewarding and the opportunities to do well with it are vast indeed.

      To answer your very valid question, my top recommendation for people just starting out as I said in a previous reply is Wealthy Affiliate.  I won’t bore you by repeating myself, however I will definitely post a review of WA in the future, because they are quite something special.

      I hope that helps Wayne, and thanks again for your comment.


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