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For so many years I tried to figure out how to make money online by doing things I enjoyed, things I love and things I’m passionate about.  I would Google all kinds of seemingly ridiculous ideas for making money online.  I would search for how to make money watching TV, how to make money watching movies, how to make money listening to music, how to make money sleeping, how to make money exercising, etc.

I know that sounds crazy, who in their right mind would search for these kinds of things?  It turns out millions of other like-minded people.  Amazingly, there are countless opportunities in all these areas and many more.  In this article I am going to tell you how to make money online from home for free and make a living doing the things you love.

I know it doesn’t sound possible, in fact it’s sounds too good to be true but, there are at the very least hundreds of thousands of people worldwide doing exactly that everyday.  You see these people every day but, it might not occur to you that these people are living their dream life doing what they love and have a passion for.

There are the obvious examples like singers, actors, musicians and artists, etc.  You also have people like teachers, vets, doctors, lawyers, charity workers, hairdressers and cosmetic artists, many of  these people in those occupations are living their dream lives.  It’s not always easy for everyone to get into these careers, so many of us settle for jobs we do not enjoy just to make ends meet. None of us want to do that but, it’s the practical thing to do.

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This article is meant to offer you inspiration and to open your eyes to a world of possibilities and opportunities. Maybe you didn’t get the job or career of your dreams but, you can have the online business of your dreams. Hopefully, I’ve revved up enough excitement in you, let’s take a journey together and explore this new world of possibilities.

How do I know what my passions are?

I touched on the subject of niches briefly in my last article, The best way to get started in affiliate marketing – Simple steps to success.  However, I thought it’s worth delving even deeper into this subject matter.  The word passions might be too strong of a word, it might be more accurate to say interests.  You don’t have to go crazy and start hyperventilating over how much you might enjoy a certain thing.  However, if you have a deep interest and fascination for a niche that’s more than good enough.

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Using myself as an example, I used to wonder what are my interests?  What activities do I enjoy most of the time? What would I love to get paid for doing?  What things could I talk about with great authority?  I would ask myself these questions and many more.  It’s very important to ask yourself these questions.


Socrates is referring to much greater and deeper issues than I’m touching on here, however this quote is still relevant in this scenario.  How do you know what it is that you want from life unless you ask yourself questions? Once you have an idea of the things that make you tick and the thoughts that make your stomach churn with excitement, you are now on the right path to realizing what your passions or interests are.

After asking myself these many questions, I realized that I have a long…long list of passions/interests.  I really admire people who have that singular laser focus on what their passion is, whether it’s model trains, Star Wars, sports cars, etc.  I am not like that, I have an ever increasingly list of interests.  Sometimes I wish it was possible to clone myself so I could achieve all my interests.

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A few months ago I was incredibly impressed and inspired by an amazing young girl named Hanalei Swan and when I say young I really do mean young she was only 11 when I learned about this remarkable girl.  Anyway, she was being interviewed with her parents in a YouTube video and she gave some great advice to a young entrepreneur who wanted to know, what would be the best way for him to focus his entrepreneurial efforts. Hanalei’s answer was inspired.

That answer really resonated with me.   You don’t need to have one definitive idea of what you want to do, you can have several interests or more.  I’m never to proud to say that I would listen to advice from an 11 year old girl, especially when their so business savvy.  To watch the interview, CLICK HERE.

Which passion/interest should I start with?

By now, you probably have a list of your interests/passions and you’re probably asking yourself, which one do I start with?  The good news is, it doesn’t matter.  Now you have your list of 5, 10 or more interests you can start with whichever one you like best.

However, if you’re giving yourself a hard time and you’re stuck between your top 2 or 3 interests, this is the easiest way to make your decision.

  • Can I help people with my niche?
  • Is this something I really enjoy?
  • How much do I know about this niche?
  • Could I write a lot about this niche?
  • Am I prepared to do lots of research in this niche?
  • Will I be able to make money in this niche?

Can I help people with my niche?

There are some niches that help people change their lifestyle, the make money online niches, health and fitness niches and self-help niches, to name just a few.  I think that it’s fair to say that the entertainment niches, car niches, photography niches etc, help people in a less dramatic way.

I wouldn’t say that one is better than the other, so long as you are in a position to help solve an issue or problem for people.  It’s up to you to decide how you want to help people and what would give you the greatest satisfaction.

Is this something I really enjoy?

How much will you enjoy working in this niche?  This is going to be your business, you are going to be working for hours on your business, it will help if you actually enjoy what you’re working on.  If you have just a passing interest and after a short time you get bored, then you’re probably better off working on a different niche.

How much do I know about this niche?

How long have you been interested in your niche?  Let’s say you’re in the health niche, do you have a good knowledge about nutrition and health supplements?  Have you worked in this industry?  It’s not entirely necessary that you work in the industry but, it would be beneficial to you.

Do you have health issues which means you have done a lot of research to improve your own health or the health of friends and loved ones?  Again, all of this will help you acquire the knowledge you need to talk about this niche with some authority.

Could I write a lot about this niche?

Do you think you have enough knowledge about this niche to write endless content covering this subject.  You will have to write countless articles delving into your niche from multiple angles.  If you’re able to talk endlessly about your niche, you must be on the right path.

Am I prepared to do lots of research in this niche?

Do you enjoy going down the rabbit hole?  You start researching one thing, then that one thing leads to another and then another and before you know it, you’re hooked.  Now you have another 5 things you need to do more research on, deeper down the rabbit hole you go.

Have you enjoyed spending hours reading about your niche, looking at videos on YouTube, watching documentaries on TV, searching the internet, going to the library…yes they still exist…seriously they do.  Research is probably the most fun part, if you don’t enjoy researching your niche, you’re better off looking into another niche.

Will I be able to make money in this niche?

Some niches are more lucrative than others.  Obviously you want to start making money with your niche, that’s the whole idea, however it shouldn’t be your primary purpose, it’s a perk of doing something you enjoy.  Helping people should be your primary purpose, then the money will come.

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Now you’re cooking with gas

Congratulations! You have chosen your passion/interest – niche.  You do deserve kudos for this, because it’s not been easy journey getting to this point, it takes serious and deliberate consideration to pick your niche.  This be your business now, as much as you may enjoy working on your new business, you also have a new boss to make happy…YOU.

Whichever niche you have chosen to work in, this be your lottery ticket, only this time you are guaranteed to win the jackpot.  That sounds outlandish maybe even unrealistic to some doubters.  The proof is all around us, there are countless people who have started a business and made a success of it.  So why not you?

This isn’t just for people born with a silver spoon in their mouth or those with well payed careers/jobs or indeed anyone who has managed to save some money.  If you are prepared to put in the work that it takes to make a success of your business, the sky is the limit.  There is nothing that can prevent you from making a resounding success of your business and turning your passions into profits and finally living the life of your dreams.

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10 thoughts on “How to make money online from home for free – Live your dream life”

  1. Thanks for the way you explained what a niche is. I was having trouble choosing a niche for my business. I never considered choosing something I would have to write endless content for. This article has really helped me decide my path for my business, thanks. Looking forward to future post.

    • Hey Zac thank you for your comment, it pleases me that I played a tiny role in the future success of your business.  I hope you go on to do extremely well.:)

  2. Yes, I agree with you that we can make money online doing affiliate marketing promoting products that’s related to our passion. We not only can help people solve their problems, we also must be aware that if the niche have readers that are gullible. Are the people willing to spend their money on the things that we are talking about. If they are, making money is possible. 

    • Thanks for your comment I very much appreciate it.  In responce to your hypothetical, I personally wouldn’t want to take advantage of any ones inexperience.  The main purpose of becoming an affiliate marketer, shouldn’t be just to make money, that’s just one of the great benefits.  

      Ultimately, we should want to share knowledge and wisdom that is appropriate for our niche.  We really need to promote products that are genuinely beneficial to our customers, otherwise we risk losing them.  We want our customers to trust us, so they will continue to buy from us safe in the knowledge that they are getting quality products and services.

      Thanks again for your comment.

  3. As much as selecting a niche is easy, it is also difficult to achieve in some instances where one has multiple areas of passion. I just do not seem to get it right when I was searching for my niche at first but with constant dedication to research, it became very easy to figure my area of interest. Thanks

    • I completely agree Rodarrick, I went through the exact same process to figure out what niche I wanted to pursue first.  The great thing is we are not limited to just one niche, variety truly is the spice of life.

      Thanks again for your comment.

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing article and all the explanation given.

    I have been searching on the internet for a long time on how to make money online. The idea is that this virtual environment has become more and more deceptive and we have found platforms that are trying to trick you and not make money. Unfortunately sometimes you lose a lot of money by investing time.
    Now I try to create a business using affiliate marketing. I didn’t know that niche is so important to this. I would like to promote more healthy products and earn money from commissions. How do you think about this idea?

    • Hi Nimrodngy, I really feel your pain I’ve been through the same issues my myself.  I would never begrudge the people behind many platforms who want to make a lot of money.  However, it seems like this is at the expense of those who are the most disadvantaged and struggling the most.

      The people who are able to capitalize on the most high yielding platforms are those who are doing quite well already.  Again I’m not having a rant, that’s just the way it is some times.

      I share your enthusiam for the health niche, it is something very dear to me.  It is a huge niche so I would recommend that you narrow it down somewhat to something you have a special interest in.  Such as weight loss, exercise, autoimmune deseases, etc.  

      This might sound not so nice, but look for the people who may be in the most distress and are in need of help.  If you can find multiple ways of helping such people, you may feel a great deal of gratification for doing so.  I hope that helps you.

      Thank you again for your comment.

  5. I agree completely with your arrucle. I have onlt been with Wealrhy Affiliate a short time but am vert enthused about what I have found there. It doesn’t make sense doing something you hate for eight ti nine hours a day. There ate too many possibilities out there doing what you love. It’s a great and rewarding journey. Well have to go walking down the path of opportunity.

    • I’m glad you agree Larry, it makes no sense to me just working for the love of money, essentially thats a job.  However if you genuinely love what you are doing and you’re getting paid to do it also, then in my opinion you’ve hit the jackpot.

      Thanks again Larry for your comment.


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