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About My Affiliate Masterclass-Justin


In the year 2000 I graduated from Brunel University with a BA Honors Degree in modern drama and a BSc Honors Degree in Fine Art. Now I had to make my way in the big bad world. My intention was to start off my career as an actor, so I thought I would dip my toes into a bit of extra work on TV shows and movies. I enjoyed myself it was a lot of fun, I got to meet great celebrities and work with all kinds of people I would not ordinarily meet. However, the pay was very little and I would have to wait up to 8-weeks for my cheques to come through.

So to augment my income I started doing merchandising and promotional work. Being a shy person it took me a little while to find my feet, but as soon as I did I excelled at the work. I enjoyed meeting new people, learning new skills and thinking on my feet. I became fairly successful in this area of work, advancing to the point where I was able to teach others how to do what I did.

Unfortunately, life being what it is I got thrown a curve ball. I was diagnosed with an illness called (PSC), Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. Sadly, this meant that I had cirrhosis of the liver. I had to give up jobs that I loved. In 2008, I had a liver transplant which was quite successful. It took me a number of years to fully recover.

However, again I was thrown another curve ball. My beautiful dear mother who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2005, was getting increasingly worse. I devoted myself to becoming my mother’s full-time carer, looking after both her and my father.

I was unable to go out and work. Desperately I tried for many years to make money online, without any success at all. So many opportunities presented themselves to me, survey sites, MLM, and every new shiny object that offered me the slightest chance of making money online, I got scammed a number of times. Desperation makes you do silly things. I also joined many great companies, but unfortunately I just wasn’t able to keep up with the high prices they charged. So I failed miserably.

As we all know life has its ups and downs. I’m now overwhelmingly confident that my life is on the up now. My affiliate business is taking shape and going from strength to strength.


I have learned a lot from my many mistakes and I’m in a unique position to help people see and avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that I made and guide them into a HAPPIER and more PROSPEROUS future.

I am deeply passionate and motivated about changing people’s lives for the better through affiliate marketing. I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge over the years both from my failures and triumphs. I’m sure my advice will benefit anyone who is willing to listen.


The goal of My Affiliate Masterclass is to help people find that shorter and safer route to success, giving them all the training, skills and tools that they need to reach their GOALS, DREAMS AND AMBITIONS that they have set for themselves. I want to help them too finally achieve all their DESIRES, without making the same mistakes I made on my journey to SUCCESS.


All pages and posts are subject to review and may be updated and revised to ensure optimum quality.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below in the comments section and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Committed to your success,




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  1. Hi Justin
    I came here after you commented on my website. Your empathy impressed me and I’d love to connect with you on WA. My username there is Debzo. I am also interested in how you manage to call yourself reclusive while studying drama and how you have managed your wellbeing while being a carer for 15 years, with little income. Oh and I’ve bookmarked this site because I think you might have something to teach me about entertaining my audience.


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